Immersing myself in study, I realized that there is indirect evidence for God's existence in records of exorcisms.

Taking careful notes and tape recordings, clerics and others have recorded preternatural events, such as levitation and many other events that are impossible for someone in ordinary circumstances to do. The possessed people also threw in the clerics' faces details of the clerics' sexual sins. (The possessed people could not have known these details without preternatural powers.) In all exorcisms, only the name and authority of Christ Jesus drove out the demons and Satan. Nothing else works.

The movie The Exorcist is loosely based on the book Possessed: The True Story of an Exorcism by Thomas B. Allen. The book is a factual account of the exorcism of a fourteen-year-old boy who became possessed after playing with a Ouija board. There have been television shows about this particular possession case. In my opinion, one particular interviewed priest, Jesuit Walter Halloran, was convincing. His memories of the exorcism were frank.

The boy, with his eyes always closed, never missed hitting the exorcist or his assistants with spit—usually splattering the victim between the eyes. As Jesuit Halloran noted, from a distance of four or five feet, the boy was an "absolute marksman." During the exorcism, the boy often urinated copiously and farted loudly, creating quite a stench in the room. Priests recorded that sometimes when the boy was prone, the bed vibrated and banged up and down on the floor. Several times a dresser weighing about fifty pounds slid on its own across the wooden floor and blocked the door. At one point, the boy, who was known to sing poorly, sang at a professional level. Various bloody claw marks and words, such as "HELL," appeared on the boy's chest. The marks seemed to come from inside the boy's body. Witnesses noted that the boy, being watched continuously, could not have created the marks by himself. The red marks would disappear as quickly as they appeared. The record of one preternatural power, taken by itself, may not mean much, but the cumulative, carefully recorded evidence of many preternatural events cannot be ignored. Bill Kurtis, the host of a November 12, 1998 A & E TV special featuring this case, questioned whether 48 priests, MD's, witnesses, etc., could all be mistaken.